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Top articles about cleantech,blockhain in renewable energy tracking & gurantees of origin

How can corporates ensure a more impactful renewable energy procurement

Companies have several options to source renewable energy, but not all renewable energy is equally green. Sustainability leadership is now betting on additionality, proximity and emissionality.

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The past, present and future of blockchain in energy.

What remained after the hype? What are the present challenges and opportunities of the present crisis? How would the future lndscape look like?

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Why sustainability has a real impact on access to capital for your company.

Sustainability is becoming a key factor to influence stock prices, interest rates and access to capital. This article explains the role of voluntary non-financial disclosure to access capital

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Don’t trust energy data Oracles!

Energy system runs on data, and to make transition towards a truly smart grids with blockchain, we need to find a way to connect the meter data with the blockchain.

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Blockchain for Green Certification - Hype or Solution?

The following article looks at Guarantee of Origin - the current European certification mechanism for renewable energy -, analyzing its current strengths and limitations. Why is time so important when dealing with electricity?

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