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Top articles about cleantech, blockchain in renewable energy tracking & guarantees of origin

How to Reduce the Cost of Corporate Energy and Sustainability Reporting

Corporate sustainability reporting is now an annual requirement for most businesses. This has naturally led to an increase in annual operating costs to collect and audit data, and creating the reports. In this article, we dig deeper into each process to find where real cost savings can be made. 

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Energy Trends 2021: What’s Happening In Energy & Sustainability

The pandemic has given us an opportunity to take a step back and rethink our response to climate change. Governments are now putting more weight behind the green transition. We discuss some emerging trends in corporate energy and sustainability with expert insight from the team at FlexiDAO.

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How to Create A Sustainability Report of Your Renewable Energy

A corporate sustainability report is vital. If you can effectively report on your renewable energy, then you can ensure a smoother alignment with the ongoing green energy transition.

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How to Know What Renewable Energy Certificates You're Buying

Companies have several methods to procure green energy; however, each method has its advantages and disadvantages. A common method is through purchasing renewable energy certificates

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The Importance of a Green Energy Procurement Strategy

A green energy procurement strategy will help your corporation stay on track with transparent and ethical renewable energy reporting.

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How Blockchain Can Help Track Carbon Emissions Across Energy Supply Chains

With the energy transition well underway, disruptive technologies such as blockchain might hold the key to effectively tracking carbon emissions across the supply chain

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What We Learned From Founding A Energy Blockchain Startup

Our team at Flexidao liked the idea of blockchain, and it’s ability to decentralize ownership and management. We liked the idea of being in control of our data, and we thought the concept was revolutionary. Our primary focus was first on microgrid management enabled by blockchain.

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Energy Attribute Certificate vs. an Energy Traceability Software: What’s the Difference?

Energy Attribute Certificates (EACs) verify production and prove consumption of renewable energy. However, they're limited in terms of information exchange. Energy traceability softwares can help solve these challenges.

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How Can Corporates Ensure a More Impactful Renewable Energy Procurement

Companies have several options to source renewable energy, but not all renewable energy is equally green. Sustainability leadership is now betting on additionality, proximity and emissionality.

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The Past, Present and Future of Blockchain in Energy

What remained after the hype? What are the present challenges and opportunities of the present crisis? How would the future lndscape look like?

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Corporate Sustainability’s Impact on the Access to Company Capital

Sustainability is becoming a key factor to influence stock prices, interest rates and access to capital. This article explains the role of voluntary non-financial disclosure to access capital

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Why You Shouldn't Trust Energy Data Oracles

Energy system runs on data, and to make transition towards a truly smart grids with blockchain, we need to find a way to connect the meter data with the blockchain.

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Is Blockchain the Future of Green Business Certification?

The following article looks at Guarantee of Origin - the current European certification mechanism for renewable energy -, analyzing its current strengths and limitations. Why is time so important when dealing with electricity?

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