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Prove that each product was really produced with green power

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FlexiDAO’s software helps you gaining total transparency over your energy sourcing without the manual hassle.

Consumers are willing to pay +2-5% more for products that are sustainable. Investors are also increasingly putting pressure. But how to be sure about the real footprint of your green energy choices for each product unit?

And renewable sourcing is not only about sustainability, it’s also about costs. How can you keep control of the prices of the renewable energy contracts that have been signed in each country in the world? How can you compare to targets? It’s not easy to take procurement decisions without knowing what costs each renewable options have.


No more manual processes, procure your renewable energy transparently

Optimize the cost of your renewable energy products

by monitoring the performance versus budget

Understand your consumption patterns and CO2 footprint to find the renewable energy product that best fits your needs.

Check how you’re progressing against your renewable objectives each month. Monitor your global portfolio, including green tariffs, PPAs, certificates and on-site generation.

Monitor your realized cost vs. budget and follow renewable market price developments in each country.

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Centralise energy and emissions data into the operations

Automatically collect and consolidate all your Energy Attribute Certificates, green energy contracts, metering data, and emissions from the source on one platform.

Calculate relevant KPIs such as energy CO2 emissions per unit of product or per employee.

Feed data into your own energy management platform or use FlexiDAO’s interface.

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Communicate the energy footprint per product

Empower your consumers to check the energy footprint of each unit sold with a QR code.

Consumers can visualize where your energy comes from to avoid greenwashing image risks.

Stakeholders can verify that your money flows into investments of a specific renewable energy plant, even with green tariffs.

Share secure information to auditors and third parties through our digital identity management.

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Monitor the performance of your PPA

by validating the hourly production and price agreements of the contract

Validate that your PPA invoices are correct: check the hourly production of the plant and the match with your consumption curve in a “pay as produced” or “profile” PPA model.

Use Blockchain as a digital notary to keep an immutable record of hourly match.

Centralise all your Energy Attribute Certificates from the PPA together with all the rest.

Optional: Measure historical gaps between hourly green energy production and your hourly consumption to progress towards 24/7 zero carbon energy.

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Daan Terpstra - Sales Lead

Discover how Flexidao is working with Microsoft and Eneco in a pilot project, matching their production and consumption of renewable energy on an hourly basis.

Microsoft will be a flagship customer of FlexiDAO’s 24/7 solution, which will enable Eneco customers including Microsoft to have access to FlexiDAO’s 24/7 renewable energy-matching tools at scale.

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