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Increase the value of your m² trough best-in-class environmental metrics

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Improving environmental metrics is critical to increase the value of your real-estate and meet stakeholder targets.

You might have rooftop solar on your buildings, but don’t know how to sell that energy to your tenants to leverage its full value.

Moreover, you might lack transparency of the type of green energy that comes from the grid, so it’s hard to communicate on your green tariffs from your supplier.

FlexiDAO’s software clearly visualizes your environmental impact and energy surplus in an easy way.


Improve your environmental impact and leverage at best your on-site generation with RESpring

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Sell your rooftop solar energy to your tenants

Automate the billing of your solar PV production based on the hourly consumption of your tenants.

Ensure credibility by certifying through blockchain the dynamic assignation of energy to each tenant.

Obtain a digital control room of your new revenue stream.

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Increase the credibility of your green energy

Visualize in screens where your energy is coming to avoid greenwashing image risks.

Verify that your money flows into investments of a specific renewable energy plant (with green tariffs).

Share secure information to auditors and third parties through our digital identity management.

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illustration of a flexidao graph showing RE sourcing plants and EACs
Illustration of Flexidao graph showing energy consumption and supply

Feed energy & emission metrics into your portfolio operations

Obtain a digital control room of your energy contracts, rooftop PV production and sale, emissions and certificates.

Calculate business specific KPIs (e.g. CO2 per m2).

Create automatic reports with key KPIs for energy and environmental reporting.

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Monitor the performance of your PPA

by validating the hourly production and price agreements of the contract

Validate that your PPA invoices are correct: check the hourly production of the plant and the match with your consumption curve in a “pay as produced” or “profile” PPA model.

Centralise all Energy attribute certificates from the PPA together with all the rest.

Optional: Measure historical gaps between hourly green energy production and your hourly consumption to progress towards 24/7 zero carbon energy.

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Save time in the collection, auditing and reporting of energy data and EACs.

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“From the innovation phase to the business implementation, ACCIONA has managed to improve key customer metrics thanks to FlexiDAO by positioning ourselves as a true Corporate Social Responsibility Partners. Our customers value the platform as a marketing tool and for its transparent data on their energy sourcing".

// Pedro Benítez Estebanet
Blockchain Project Manager, Acciona

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