Consolidate all green certificates from your antennas

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FlexiDAO’s software gives you total transparency and credibility over the green energy data collection without the manual hassle.

Your company has now strong decarbonization targets and buys renewable energy. However, you have thousands of small antennas and it’s not easy to keep track of all the green energy and certificates for for each site around the world.

Collecting this data manually from internal and external teams can be time consuming and prone to errors.


No more manual processes, procure your renewable energy transparently

Save time

by centralizing all your renewable energy data and certificates from antennas

Avoid manual interaction with certificate registries, energy suppliers or other third parties.

Automatically collect and consolidate all your Energy Attribute Certificates, green energy contracts, metering data, and emissions from the source on one platform.

Feed data into your own energy management platform or use FlexiDAO’s interface.

Calculate a more accurate CO2 emissions avoidance based on the hourly status of the grid (location based, market based) and avoid over-paying offsets.

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Optimize the cost of your renewable energy products

by monitoring the performance versus budget

Understand your consumption patterns and CO2 footprint to find the RE product that best fits your needs.

Check how you’re progressing against your renewable objectives each month. Monitor your global portfolio, including green tariffs, PPAs, certificates and on-site generation.

Monitor your realized cost vs. budget and follow renewable market price developments in each country.

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Increase credibility of your green energy

with an audit trail on blockchain

Verify that your money flows into investments of a specific renewable energy plant, even with green tariffs.

Visualize where your energy is coming from for PR and communication campaigns.

Share secure information to auditors and third parties through our digital identity management.

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Monitor the performance of your PPA

by validating the hourly production and price agreements of the contract

Validate that your PPA invoices are correct: check the hourly production of the plant and the match with your consumption curve in a “pay as produced” or “profile” PPA model.

Use Blockchain as a digital notary to keep an immutable record of hourly match.

Centralise all Energy attribute certificates from the PPA together with all the rest.

Optional: Measure historical gaps between hourly green energy production and your hourly consumption to progress towards 24/7 zero carbon energy.

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Simone Accornero, CEO

Daan Terpstra - Sales Lead

Discover how Flexidao is working with Microsoft and Eneco in a pilot project, matching their production and consumption of renewable energy on an hourly basis.

Microsoft will be a flagship customer of FlexiDAO’s 24/7 solution, which will enable Eneco customers including Microsoft to have access to FlexiDAO’s 24/7 renewable energy-matching tools at scale.

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