Rooftop Solar Panels

Track the energy surplus of your solar panels

Solar panels

You have rooftop solar panels on your buildings, but you don’t know how to track its energy surplus and allocate it to your other facilities for reporting zero emissions. If you want to sell your energy surplus, you need to prove that the transaction took place.

FlexiDAO’S software certifies energy transactions between rooftop solar panels.

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Sell your surplus and fully leverage your onsite production

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Prove your transactions took place


Sell energy either to

  • your tenants within a building with automatic invoicing.
  • your own remaining facilities or to your local community, through a utility (depending on local  regulation).

Blockchain adds credibility as a digital notary certifying the energy transactions.

Obtain a digital control room of your new revenue stream.

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Simone Accornero, CEO

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Save time in the collection, auditing and reporting of energy data and EACs.

“From the innovation phase to the business implementation, ACCIONA has managed to improve key customer metrics thanks to FlexiDAO by positioning ourselves as a true Corporate Social Responsibility Partners. Our customers value the platform as a marketing tool and for its transparent data on their energy sourcing".

// Pedro Benítez Estebanet
Blockchain Project Manager, Acciona

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