Are you sure the electricity you buy and consume is truly carbon-free?

CFEscore is our new calculation tool that is going to help you calculate the real carbon content of the electricity you consume

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Use your Scope 2 accounting for real climate action

Companies are competing for the sustainability leadership through their bold climate agendas. The electricity they consume plays an increasingly important role in the advancement of the global net-zero journey. 
24/7 Carbon-free Electricity and hourly carbon accounting allow companies to have clear and transparent visibility on the carbon content of the electricity they source. This  is the first step towards lowering this carbon-dependency and prevent carbon-related risks.

What is 24/7 Carbon-Free Electricity (24/7 CFE)?

The harsh truth about renewables is that sometimes the wind doesn’t blow and the sun doesn’t shine.
This is why is so important to include the timely and geographical correlation when calculating the carbon content.
CFEscore calculates the percentage of electricity consumption that exactly matches carbon-free generation
on an hourly - or more granular - basis. 

CFEscore is about to be released. Subscribe now and be amongst the firsts to try our calculation tool during our pre-launch in early Feb ‘22.

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