FlexiDAO's 24/7 Academy

The 24/7 Academy is a tailored educational experience for professionals that want to eliminate their energy related emissions, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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The Academy will provide you with an actionable framework to confidently execute a 24/7 carbon free energy (CFE) strategy.

Our teachings have resulted from several years of research, experience, and iterative feedback from partners and clients worldwide. 

You will find quick, easy to understand videos that will build your knowledge of the steps you need to take to evolve your current energy procurement practices. You will learn how to adopt a new carbon-aware approach. 

Join an ecosystem of global experts and peers on the same journey, eliminating energy-related emissions once and for all.

BEnefits of 24/7 CFE

Become a Climate leader. Learn to go Carbon Free.

  • Use climate leadership as a competitive advantage
  • Get ahead of future carbon accounting and policy changes
  • Support the total decarbonisation of your electricity grid and society
  • Attract ESG investment, green loans and talent to your business

The market context of 24/7 CFE

Climate leadership can be a competitive advantage for companies and a 24/7 CFE strategy can help you get ahead.

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The 24/7 CFE Journey An Overview

In this video, we give you a high-level overview of the steps you need to take to reach a 24/7 CFE target.

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