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Collect energy-related data and certificates for Scope 2 reporting

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As an energy buyer, you don’t need to dedicate time nor invest resources in hardware solutions to implement FlexiDAO’s software solution.

FlexiDAO coordinates with the national certificate registries of each country you select.
The only thing we need from you as energy buyer is approval to get access to your consumption data.
Integrations with your current ERPs or energy management software are possible too.

Renewable energy analytics

How it works

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1. Energy Consumption Data Collection

You send us the list of your consumption sites, including your metering codes.
You provide us the access to your consumption data. FlexiDAO can:

  • import the data stored in your existing ERP (or EMS/BMS); OR
  • collect energy consumption data through automated integrations with data hubs and grid operators

2. Energy Certificates Collection

FlexiDAO reads all the energy certificates claimed for your consumtpion sites, being your own RE plants or third party’s plants.

The software collects all the Energy Attribute Certificates claimed for your company. Your claimed EACs are collected:

  • directly from a National Registry
  • via a third-party, depending on the country’s regulation.

This avoids your manual interaction with certificate registries, energy suppliers or other third parties.

A unique EAC list is consolidated from all countries into one platform.

You can verify that your supplier has done a correct job with your certificate cancellation.


3. Data analysis and disclosure of your environmental insights

Actionable and ready-to-report KPIs are disclosed. They include:

  • Location-based emissions
  • Market-based emissions.
  • Share of your renewable energy coverage.
  • The quality of you energy certificates, by considering location, technology type and age of the plant you are sourcing from.

4. Access can be granted to auditors, with all disclosure on blockchain

Blockchain acts as a digital notary that ensures the credibility and authenticity of information shared with external or internal stakeholders.

Give secure access to selected teams and third party auditors.

Avoid simultaneous data entries and human errors.

You can now export the information, use them to report on your performance and share your achievements with stakeholders.

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Save time in the collection, auditing and reporting of energy data and EACs.

“From the innovation phase to the business implementation, ACCIONA has managed to improve key customer metrics thanks to FlexiDAO by positioning ourselves as a true Corporate Social Responsibility Partners. Our customers value the platform as a marketing tool and for its transparent data on their energy sourcing".

// Pedro Benítez Estebanet
Blockchain Project Manager, Acciona

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