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As an energy buyer, you don’t need to dedicate time nor invest resources in hardware solutions to implement FlexiDAO’s software solution.

FlexiDAO manages the data set-up, coordinating with your energy supplier or PPA developer to collect data from the plants.

The only thing we require from you is to put us in contact with your energy supplier and to give us approval to collect your energy consumption data.

Integrations with your current ERPs or energy management software are possible too.

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How it works

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1. Energy production data collection

Energy production data can be collected:

  • Interfacing with a National Data Hub or DSO
  • Interfacing directly with a renewable energy plant, through SCADA, API, etc.

The energy supplier/producer just needs to give us consent to “book” certificates from that plant and provide access to the data.

We can trace the energy that comes from your PPAs, own production and green tariffs.


2. Energy consumption data collection

Energy consumption data can be collected:

  • Interfacing with an existing Energy Management Software, if there is one in place;
  • Interfacing with a National Data Hub or DSO, with the consent of the energy buyer (no extra hardware needed);
  • Automating the reading of energy invoices (less cost-efficient).

Consumption data are collected with an hourly granularity.


3. Match of your consumption and supply profiles hourly on blockchain

Energy production data from the renewable plant is matched on an hourly basis to the energy consumption data.

The match is registered on blockchain, which works as a digital notary that keeps immutable record of the plant that sources your energy.

The official Energy Attribute Certificates are settled and collected.

The matching algorithm can be customized according to your sustainability goals and preferences (e.g. location, technology type, additionality, etc.).


4. Visualise and monitor in real-time

Visualize and monitor in real-time the source of your energy, the associated emissions and costs on your platform.

For green tariffs: energy buyers can monitor in real-time the exact plant of origin of their green energy and associated costs.

For PPAs: energy buyers can validate PPA invoices by checking the match with their consumption curve in a “pay as produced” or “profile” PPA model.


5. Share with auditors & communicate

Blockchain acts as a digital notary that ensures the credibility and authenticity of information shared with external or internal stakeholders.

Give secure access to selected teams and third party auditors.

Avoid simultaneous data entries and human errors.

You can now export the information, use them to report on your performance and share your achievements with stakeholders.

The interface can be used in offline screens or embedded into websites for PR environmental campaigns.

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Case study

Discover how Flexidao is working with Microsoft and Eneco in a pilot project, matching their production and consumption of renewable energy on an hourly basis.

Microsoft will be a flagship customer of FlexiDAO’s 24/7 solution, which will enable Eneco customers including Microsoft to have access to FlexiDAO’s 24/7 renewable energy-matching tools at scale.

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