Our developers are energy &  blockchain industry experts

Our Tech-Stack


  • Includes the application REspring –the green certification platform
  • Future applications to be designed by FlexiDAO for new use cases –such as PPAs Markets, Shared selfconsumption, etc.
  • Can include third party or in-house applications.


Enterprise-grade middleware software that enables Energy Retailers to link their IT infrastructure to any blockchain network in an easy, regulatory-compliantand scalable manner.


Users are Energy Suppliers and Consumers that are connected to the application's visual interface


FlexiDAO is Blockchain agnostic, nevertheless we currently use the EWF chain which is the energy web foundation's blockchain. EWChain  is an open-source, public proof-of-authority (PoA) blockchain built on top of  Ethereum core technology for the Energy sector.


Software Licence Pack

Enterprise-grade blockchain applications and tools to provide the best service

Cloud Services

To create an "Apple" experience for blockchain applications.


Gas Relay

Decentralized Identity Management

Blockchain Technology

FlexiDAO is an official validator of the  EWFChain

EW Blockchain