Introducing the 24/7 CFE Academy

In this 45-minute webinar we present the Academy, a first-of-its-kind learning experience teaching businesses how to truly eliminate their energy-related emissions, 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Joan Collell, our CGO introduces the 24/7 CFE Academy and explains how it will help companies get started with the 24/7 journey.
Bruce Douglas from Eurelectric gives a short presentation on the 24/7 Hub, followed by a preview of the online platform.
Irina Lazzerini, Principal Specialist, Clean Energy at SEforAll  introduces the UN 24/7 Carbon Free Energy Compactand explain how organizations can get involved.

The session was hosted by Eloise Moench, FlexiDAO's Energy Program Manager

There was time at the end for a quick Q&A session.

Irina Lazzerini
Principal Specialist, Clean Energy @ SEforAll

As part of the International Relations and Special Projects and the UN Energy teams, Irina manages the work on the 24/7 CFE compact and supports raising ambition on high-level SDG7, climate diplomacy, and energy transition. Irina brings over 16 years of work and research experience in the field of energy and international climate mitigation policies.

Bruce Douglas
Business and Communications Director @ Eurelectric

Bruce has 25 years of international experience in the promotion of renewable energy and electrification with a proven track record in delivering world-class business management, sales, marketing, and lobbying results. He is a committed and delivery-oriented business professional with extensive international experience and contacts in the renewable energy sector.

Joan Collell
Co-Founder & CGO @ FlexiDAO

Joan has experience leading a high-growth energy startup and over five years of working within the technology industry. His expertise excels in business strategy, sales, and marketing, which he adopted from working with global brands like Bain & Co., Google, and Henkel.

Eloise Moench
Energy Program Manager @ FlexiDAO

Eloise has worked in a number of high-growth start-ups and scale-ups with a focus on sustainability and renewable energy, including Entech Unicorn Octopus Energy. She is now FlexiDAO’s Energy Program Manager, overseeing the implementation of all educational material on 24/7 CFE. She is a marketing and research expert with a MA from the University of Amsterdam specializing in Climate Ethics.