With around 11 renewable gigawatts (GW) in operation and the aim of reaching 20 GW by 2025, ACCIONA Energía has a unique company profile with more than 30 years of experience in the sector and a presence throughout the value chain.

Since 2015, it has headed the ‘greenest utilities in the world’ ranking published by Energy Intelligence (Energy Intelligence New Energy Green Utilities). It is now collaborating in large-scale green hydrogen projects. 

“Hydrogen is receiving conspicuous investments. Thanks to the Delegated Act of RED II, EU regulators have taken action to ensure its highest contribution in the path toward decarbonisation. Indeed, an hourly certification system for renewable hydrogen is needed, and our platform solves this problem.“
Joan Collell, co-founder and CCO at FlexiDAO.


Like all green hydrogen producers, Acciona Energia finds it difficult to prove that the hydrogen it is producing is in fact fully renewable.

The EU is increasingly looking towards solutions for renewable fuels certification, as it attempts to clamp down on carbon emissions.

This lack of verification is a concern for investors, who want to be assured of the type of electricity consumed.

Acciona has turned to FlexiDAO to help provide the highest form of credible hydrogen certification, in a bid to increase transparency.


FlexiDAO signed an agreement with ACCIONA to develop GreenH2chain®, the world's first platform based on blockchain technology that guarantees the renewable origin of green hydrogen.

This solution also allows clients to verify the transportation and delivery process of this type of clean energy.

With GreenH2chain®, ACCIONA's customers can access a digital platform that allows them to verify and visualize the entire green hydrogen value chain in real time, from anywhere in the world.

FlexiDAO’s innovative solution allows renewable hydrogen consumers to quantify, record, and monitor the decarbonisation process of its own energy supply.

In addition, the software provides all detailed information on hydrogen consumption itself, as well as data for calculating the CO2 emissions that consumers avoid by using this type of green energy.

The platform has been implemented in the Power to Green Hydrogen project, designed to create a green ecosystem on the island of Mallorca (Spain), also known as Green Hysland. 

The project was highlighted by Ursula von der Leyen, the President of the European Commission, as a prime example of the EU Green Deal at work for European citizens.


  • ACCIONA's customers are given access to a digital platform that allows them to verify and visualize the entire green hydrogen value chain in real-time and from anywhere in the world.
  • It allows renewable hydrogen consumers to quantify, record and monitor the decarbonization process of their own energy supply.
  • The software provides data for calculating the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions that consumers avoid by using this type of green energy.

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