What we do

We help Energy Retailers enhance their green energy offerings by matching the origin of renewable energy production with consumption in real time

Consumers get empowered to select and track how, when and where their electricity is produced. We help corporates meet their Corporate Social Responsibility targets, while residential consumers can get for the first time certified, 0-km electricity. The software uses blockchain technology as a real-time digital notary to stamp the provenance of the electricity and automatically assign it to consumers depending on their consumption.

Key Benefits

We are building the new generation of Energy Attribute Certificates
to truly empower consumers to influence the penetration of renewables.


Green certificate becomes a “digital asset”, collected & owned exclusively by the consumer, avoiding double-spending issues 


Hourly certification for consumers thanks to automated, tamper-proof mechanism


Scalable certification of medium-small R.E. plants and behind-the-meter assets to create a new untapped volume of certificates

Our partners

We work with energy industry leaders, are funded by leading cleantech funds and are affiliate members of the Energy Web Foundation - the world's largest blockchain and energy ecosystem

Why FlexiDAO

We are becoming the world’s first scaled-up blockchain application in the energy sector, moving from pilot experimentation to commercial & regulatory viability of Blockchain applications

Seamless it integration

We integrate with Energy Retailers' legacy IT systems through: 

  • Consulting workshops
  • Docker-based deployment
  • Integration through simple API

Regulatory compliance

We offer a market-tested solution that ensures:

  • Breakthrough data privacy complying with EU GDPR
  • Integration with current EACs mechanisms
  • Compliance with smart contracts security standards

best in class user experience

Friendly user experience for a complex technology:

  • 2-clicks account & digital identity creation
  • Private key recovery
  • Effortless transaction fee payments

Coming soon...

Through our first service, we want to prove that a complex technology can scale with a simple use case today. We are developing the following new services for the future.

About Us

Our team is composed of motivated and passionate professionals with a track record in the energy, tech and consultancy industry. A shared vision of a democratic, carbon-free and prosumer-centric energy sector is what binds us.

Simone Accornero
Energy leader

Energy Entrepreneur and Research Engineer. Expertise in energy management consultancy, electricity markets and smart grids

Grzegorz Bytniewski
Blockchain Guru

Blockchain analyst at Everis. Energy & IT Research Engineer around the world, from Japan to Spain.

Joan Collell
Business & Strategy leader

Former Senior Associate Consultant at Bain & Co., Ex-Google and ex-Henkel. Expertise on B2B Business Development and customer experience

Francesc Ortiz
Rockstar Developer

Senior developer with 18 years of working experience in web and mobile development. Previously CTO at PlayBenefit

Yann Jubelin
UI/UX Developer

Full Stack Developer with more than five years in UX/UI.

Emanuele Rossi
Business Developer

Energy Engineer with previous experience at Epex Spot.

Jordi Biosca

+10 years of design experience in the UK working with clients like Amnesty International, TEDX and Maersk

Nicolas Guarin
Marketing & Communication Manager

Experience in digital marketing, community engagement & blockchain fundamentals. 

Oier Bolibar

Sales Director - Meyer Burger AG

Prof. Andreas Sumper

UPC, co-funder of TeknoCEA

Eduard Puig

Climate Finance & Cleantech Seed-Investor

Robert Navarro

Managing Director & CFO - innogy Spain

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