What we do

We exist to make the access to energy markets reliable, affordable and transparent for everyone and everything, turning electricity consumption into service to support the future 100% green energy mix.

Our software helps Energy Retailers to automatically manage, control and optimize data and electricity flows from their consumers’ assets – such as HVAC, batteries, heat pumps, EVs, etc. - and from their renewable generation. This is packaged under three combinable products: blockchain-based certificates of origin, which guarantee consumers a 100% renewable tariff, smart consumption matched to hourly market prices to buy cheaper electricity and grid balancing services for grid operators.

Key benefits

FlexiDAO is the first player to offer Smart Energy Services with reliable automation of back-end processes, real-time data traceability, GDPR compliant data privacy and best-in-class consumer experience. This is only possible thanks to our unique software which combines several decentralized technologies, including Blockchain.

Cut up to 50% of back-end costs

Reliable automation of manual intensive processes such as data processing and verification or assets registration. Flexible and customizable billing system.

Secure data traceability and registration

Real-time traceability from generation and consumption assets at kWh level. Full and seamless observability on LV grid, while ensuringconsumers' data privacy 

Hassle-free consumer benefits

Achieve up to 30% savings and 100% green tariff without any effort or investment. Track your consumption and CO2 savings data and maintain full control over the smart consumption.

About Us

Our team is composed of motivated and passionate professionals with a track record in the energy, tech and consultancy industry. A shared vision of a democratic, carbon-free and prosumer-centric energy sector is what binds us.

Simone Accornero
Energy market visionary

Energy Entrepreneur and Research Engineer. Expertise in energy management consultancy, electricity markets and smart grids

Grzegorz Bytniewski
Blockchain Guru

Blockchain analyst at Everis. Energy & IT Research Engineer around the world, from Japan to Spain.

Joan Collell
Business & Strategy leader

Former Senior Associate Consultant at Bain & Co., Ex-Google and ex-Henkel. Expertise on B2B Business Development and customer experience

Francesc Ortiz
Rockstar Developer

Senior developer with 18 years of working experience in web and mobile development. Previously CTO at PlayBenefit

Oier Bolibar

Sales Director - Meyer Burger AG

Prof. Andreas Sumper

UPC, co-funder of TeknoCEA

Eduard Puig

Climate Finance & Cleantech Seed-Investor

Robert Navarro

Managing Director & CFO - innogy Spain


Follow us on our fast-paced journey.

Full-stack developer, Barcelona (SP)

Full-stack developer, Barcelona (SP)

FlexiDAO joins Rockstart Smart Energy Accelerator

FlexiDAO joins Rockstart Smart Energy Accelerator

FlexiDAO selected as finalist on FundaciĆ³n Repsol program

FlexiDAO selected as finalist on FundaciĆ³n Repsol program

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FlexiDAO is part of the InnoEnergy Highway Acceleration program and it is an Official Affiliate of the Energy Web Foundation.

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