Case Study


Background & Goal

TotalEnergies is targeting a renewable electricity generation capacity of 25 GWh by 2025, thanks to the expertise of their affiliates Total Solar, Total EREN, Total Quadran and SunPower. Total Flex is the aggregator of the TotalEnergies, which is creating value optimizing the relation between the flexibility of the electricity consumption of their clients and the renewable energy production capacity of the Group.

The Challenge

The risk of being accused of little ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) commitment or even greenwashing is one of the main drivers which fosters the prioritization of the purchase of renewable energy from local sources with low environmental impact.

Access to more granular energy data is obstructed by the process of collecting, consolidating and analyzing the data proceeding from distributed renewable energy sources and several consumption points.

This translates into the need for sophisticated purchasing requirements that energy retailers cannot meet through the official certification mechanisms such as the GOs.

The Solution

FlexiDAO´s software solution sheds new light on the GOs scheme, providing the current green tariffs with near real-time tracking of green energy sourcing.

This gives a unique value to the market by providing a better and improved underlying technology infrastructure.

The project developed between Total and FlexiDAO includes the registration and tracking through REspring of:

  • 34 Generation Assets (Wind power and Solar PV) in France
  • 6 Customer’s of Total
  • 11 Consumption points.


Thanks to FlexiDAO’s software solution TotalEnergies:

  • Retains and attracts customers eager to better communicate won their clean energy commitment
  • Adds a transparency layer over the traditional bilateral energy agreements, such as Green Tarrifs, PPAs, etc.

"Total adds a transparency layer over the traditional bilateral energy agreements (Energy tariffs, PPAs, etc)"

Mathieu Rouquié

Commercial Development Director, Total Flex