The carbon reality behind 100% renewable claims

How more transparency around electricity emissions can enhance corporate climate impact
How new carbon accounting rules might impact corporate emissions reporting

A first-of-its-kind report

As WRI progresses with the review of the current Scope 2 accounting standard, this report is the first ever to examine how global businesses procuring 100% renewable energy following these guidelines might not be reaching zero emissions if new rules are applied.

Did you know?
The respondents in this study might be reporting less than half of their emissions using the current Scope 2 accounting principles compared to what would be reported using a more granular approach with more stringent time and location origin requirements.

42% of the respondents who claim zero market-based emissions using the current Scope 2 guidelines have not signed any electricity supply contract that can meet more granular requirements.

These findings do not discredit current commitments made by organizations.
Achievements so far have helped develop a community of corporate energy buyers, enabling direct contracting of over 76,9 GW of clean energy capacity worldwide between 2010 and 2020. Instead, they provide insights on the impact that future guideline changes might entail for companies.

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Would you be happy with an annual weather forecast across your whole continent?

This would not be accurate enough to represent the physical reality of what the skies are doing where you are in one specific city right now.

In the same way, annual accounting that is underpinned by low data granularity does not consider the time or place procured electricity has been produced.

67% of respondents in our study have signed RE contracts without clear oversight of where the electricity comes from, which hinders these businesses from accurately tracking their energy supply and measuring their emissions on a location and time-sensitive basis.

This can lead to inaccurate emissions accounting and false confidence in businesses' decarbonization progress.

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