Flexidao Pioneers Clean Electricity Portfolio Management System for Google’s Global Carbon-free Energy Portfolio

Eloise Moench
Marketing Lead
  • Flexidao has expanded its collaboration with Google beyond Europe to support Google’s global transition towards granular clean energy certificate tracking in North America, Latin America, and Asia-Pacific.
  • The collaboration showcases the value of a digital platform for streamlining electricity management and pursuing impactful electricity procurement approaches.
  • This collaboration also displays the rapid and ongoing progress in the feasibility of 24/7 CFE measurement and validation through the creation and utilization at scale of time based energy attribute certificates (T-EACs).

Flexidao and Google are collaborating to scale clean electricity portfolio management and 24/7 carbon-free energy matching processes, supporting Google’s Global transition towards T-EACs. This strategic collaboration underscores the feasibility and benefits of an integrated, single-source digital platform for electricity and emissions tracking.Google's objective is to monitor high-resolution electricity data and T-EACs, which enable clean energy generation and trading to be validated on an hourly basis. The collaboration with Flexidao will enable Google to track and validate its global carbon-free energy  portfolio, providing better transparency on the road to achieving its 24/7 carbon-free energy goal by 2030.Flexidao started working with Google in 2021 through a pilot in Denmark, Ireland, and the Netherlands. Flexidao provided automatic access to hourly metering data on electricity consumption and generation from clean electricity contracts via its CFE Inventory Tool. This data was crucial for converting Energy Attribute Certificates (EACs) into T-EACs, following the EnergyTag standard.Building on the success of the pilot, Flexidao expanded its work with Google across EMEA and is now expanding globally to cover North America, Latin America, and Asia-Pacific.As part of the global roll-out, Flexidao is streamlining data collection by identifying sources for electricity data from national data hubs, utility systems, and grid operators. Flexidao has also integrated with Google BigQuery to further enhance the data collection, and has collaborated with ElectricityMaps to incorporate hourly CO2 emission factors into the software.Flexidao’s service brings several key benefits:

  • Automation: Recurring, resource-intensive tasks such as high-resolution data collection and quality assurance are automated.
  • Centralization: The tool consolidates Google’s renewable energy portfolio of contracts, metering data, and certificates into a unified platform, streamlining management, oversight, and optimization on an hourly basis.
  • Visibility: The platform offers better visibility into hours when Google relies on carbon-intensive electricity, a crucial factor for tracking T-EACs and achieving ambitious emission reduction goals.

One of the most significant benefits is the adoption of an EAC management and verification process. Flexidao is working with EAC registries to streamline the manual task of compiling, retiring, and comparing EACs with meter/invoice data for better oversight and management of EAC portfolios.Simone Accornero, CEO of Flexidao said "We are proud to support Google’s carbon-free energy goal by optimizing clean electricity portfolio management. We're not just marking a milestone; we're kicking off a journey. This collaboration exemplifies how our tool can save organizations time and resources when monitoring their electricity supply and pursuing impactful energy procurement approaches.”Savannah Goodman, Data and Software Climate Solutions Lead of Google said “When we set out to achieve our 24/7 carbon-free energy goal, we knew that it would require a wide range of advanced tools and technologies. Flexidao has been a key collaborator on our journey, first piloting a digital solution to enable hourly clean energy validation for our facilities and now bringing this solution to scale. They are helping us accelerate our electricity management and verification process and provide us with an end-to-end solution for 24/7 CFE reporting.”Flexidao’s offering supports organizations navigating an evolving energy market. They provide the digital foundation for streamlining outdated manual processes, reporting on emissions with confidence, and unlocking more impactful electricity procurement approaches.This collaboration shows how integrated, efficient, and sustainable clean electricity portfolio management tools can improve operations, saving time and resources on electricity management whilst providing the detailed electricity tracking needed to achieve a carbon free electricity portfolio.As a member of the Google Cloud Ready Sustainability ecosystem, Flexidao’s CFE Inventory software will be available on Google Cloud Marketplace in 2024.If you would like to talk about how we can help you successfully manage and monitor EACs and contracts across your whole electricity portfolio, you can reach out to us.