Simplify Your Reporting Process with Digital Data Collection

Eloise Moench
Marketing Lead

The majority of businesses reporting to RE100, CDP, or conducting their own energy related reports are well aware of the headache collecting, consolidating and extracting the right electricity data  can be.  In this blog we identify three challenges which can be overcome by upgrading to digital data collection and aggregation tools like Flexidao's. If you want to find out more, you can get in contact with our team.

The challenges energy teams face:

Collecting the data

Most energy teams manually extract the information they need from contracts to fill in their reporting. This involves painstakingly opening PDFs for each contract or EAC across global operations. Not only does this take up alot of time and resources, it can lead to manual errors.

Standardizing the data

If you are managing a global portfolio, the data needed can also come in different formats and languages, making it hard to centralize and standardize for reporting purposes.

Extracting the necessary information

Most teams are still reliant on numerous spreadsheets to organize substantial volumes of electricity contracts, certificates and related information. With no central database, it is much harder to keep track of the right electricity and emissions data needed for answering the questions in the RE100/CDP questionnaire.

Partnering with a company like Flexidao to digitally improve your data collection and consolidation process can save your business time and money whilst reducing manual errors and compliance risk. Here is a quick overview of how:  

Collecting and standardizing the data for you

We interact with suppliers and grid operators on your behalf to collect necessary electricity data, so energy teams can save the hours of work usually spent on data collection. If your global data comes in different languages and formats, we can organize all of this for you into one standardized format.

Providing one intuitive digital platform with the answers you need

You can view all of your electricity and EAC data for global operations on one digital platform. The platform automatically provides the answers to the questions specifically on electricity related emissions in the RE100 and CDP questionnaire, for easy extraction.

If you want to find out more and explore how our solution can work for you, get in contact with our sales team.