Flexidao gathers electricity data to provide in-depth insight into Google’s global clean energy portfolio.

“Flexidao has been a key collaborator on our journey, first piloting a digital solution to enable hourly clean energy validation for our facilities and now bringing this solution to scale. They are helping us accelerate our electricity management and verification process.”
Savannah Goodman, Data and Software Climate Solutions Lead.


Google has set an ambitious goal of operating on 24/7 carbon-free energy (CFE) globally by 2030.  In order to reach this goal, they plan to scale the use of Time-based Energy Attribute Certificates (T-EACs or Granular Certificates) across their global carbon-free energy portfolio. T-EACs enable clean energy generation and trading to be validated on an hourly basis. 

The challenge for Google lies in retiring and gathering EAC and hourly meter data across their global portfolio into one platform to generate T-EACs. Energy data doesn’t currently follow a standard format or integration mechanism, which makes collecting this data tedious.


Getting access to the right consumption and clean electricity generation data worldwide was key to the success of this collaboration. 

To gather this data, we first worked with Google to identify where it was stored: in national data hubs, utility systems, or with grid operators. We collaborated on automating the collection of the data  where possible using existing integrations and Google BigQuery. Hourly emission factors were collected through our trusted partner, Electricity Maps.

After a data flow was established, FlexiDAO’s dashboards displayed relevant charts and KPIs for decision-making and reporting, including an inventory of renewable energy contracts, associated energy certificates, and emissions.


Flexidao and Google started working together in 2021 to pilot 24/7 carbon-free energy tracking in Denmark, Ireland, and the Netherlands. Building on the success of the pilot, this  collaboration is now expanding to fully digitize and automate hourly tracking and incorporate T-EACs across their global carbon-free energy portfolio. 

The service brings several key benefits:

  • Automation: Simplifying the recurring, resource-intensive task of high-resolution data collection and quality assurance.
  • Centralization: The tool consolidates Google’s renewable energy portfolio of contracts, metering data, and certificates into a unified platform.
  • Visibility: The platform offers better visibility into hours when Google relies on carbon-intensive electricity, a crucial factor for tracking T-EACs and achieving ambitious emission reduction goals.

CFE Inventory

Have  all the information you need on energy origin and emissions in one place. Accurate data that can be refreshed monthly, or hourly, to ensure quick & accurate energy decisions and reports.

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