Google’s aiming and working to achieve carbon-free energy sourcing in every hour (24/7) in every grid by 2030.

“This project is helping to streamline Google’s 24/7 Carbon-free Energy matching process across these countries, and to validate our matching through the retirement of hourly certificates (GCs or T-EACs) from our clean energy projects in Denmark and the Netherlands. It also helped us identify key operational challenges related to data access…”
Maud Texier, Head of Energy Development


Google wants to demonstrate the viability of Time-based Energy Attribute Certificates (T-EACs or Granular Certificates) to drive Google’s 24/7 Carbon-free Energy goal across its European operations and accelerate the energy transition.

To do so, Google had the need for better tools and systems to access and organise their energy data and to match their energy consumption with hourly clean-energy purchases.

Google has addressed the need for new systems that enable energy consumers, system operators, and governments to know exactly what kinds of energy are being produced, consumed, and traded on an hourly basis across every electricity grid. Only then can T-EACs reach their full potential.ᅠ


Google came to FlexiDAO to help simplify the access to and aggregation of energy data throughout their portfolio in Ireland, the Netherlands, and Denmark.

Thanks to the partnership, FlexiDAO is helping Google recognize key operational challenges related to data access that highlight the need for a more centralized data hub and a standardized authorization process.

In our partnership, analyzing the hourly coverage with carbon-free sources is not the only process. This also involves the certification of its hourly match and ensuring credible claims. For this reason, FlexiDAO creates verifiable energy and carbon records that are stored in an immutable, energy-efficient blockchain that acts as a digital notary.

The entire process is carried out in accordance with EnergyTag guidelines and the European regulatory framework for Energy Attribute Certificates.

The path to around-the-clock carbon-free electricity consumption is a process, which is why time-stamping would not undermine the established annual reporting method with EACs, but this would allow us to go a step further and report hourly coverage with Granular Certificates (GCs).


  • Simplify the access to and aggregation of energy data across Google’s European portfolio.
  • Identify operational challenges in the process of energy data collection.
  • Pinpoint hours of electricity consumption that are not sourced by renewables.
  • Validate the hourly match of carbon-free electricity consumption with generation through the cancellation of T-EACs (Granular Certificates - GCs).
  • Demonstrate the viability of T-EACs (GCs) to accelerate the energy transition.
  • Support the wider adoption of T-EACs (GCs).

CFE Inventory

Have  all the information you need on energy origin and emissions in one place. Accurate data that can be refreshed monthly, or hourly, to ensure quick & accurate energy decisions and reports.

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