FlexiDAO an early signatory to the UN 24/7 CFE Compact



Giacomo Bravaccini has an academic background in civil and environmental engineering (MSc). Giacomo blends his knowledge in sustainability with a strong passion for marketing, which he developed in his past professional experiences at Ariston Thermo Group and Frigicoll (Midea).
September 27, 2021
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FlexiDAO is one of the early signatories to the 24/7 Carbon-free Energy Compact

24/7 Carbon Free Energy Google and United Nations poster

Following its launch at the UN General Assembly High Level Dialogue on Energy next week, FlexiDAO is proud to announce our commitment as an early signatory to the 24/7 Carbon-Free Energy Compact. Thanks to our involvement, FlexiDAO will be part of a group of energy buyers, energy suppliers, governments, system operators, solutions providers, investors, and other organizations on a mission to transform global electricity grids to zero carbon - or full decarbonization - by adopting, enabling, and advancing 24/7 Carbon-Free Energy (CFE). 24/7 CFE means that every kilowatt-hour of electricity consumption is met with carbon-free electricity sources, every hour of every day, everywhere. The 24/7 CFE Compact can be viewed here.

As a signatory,FlexiDAO will commit to the deployment of our innovative CFE software solution sand advisory services for corporates and energy producers to unleash the full potential of hourly energy data, with the goal of pursuing a 24/7 CFE grid and to achieve the Compact’s goals. In the meantime, we will remain dedicated to advocating widespread access to the energy data required to enable all consumers to set and measure their 24/7 CFE goals and maximize the decarbonization impact of consumer actions. As part of the Energy Compact process, we also pledge to update stakeholders on our specific commitments and actions between now and 2030 to move towards 24/7 CFE, in line with our core functions within the energy ecosystem. These commitments will be measured and reviewed on an annual basis.

FlexiDAO's commitments will help the Energy Compact identify where greater ambition and action is needed for delivering Sustainable Development Goal 7 (SDG7) - access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all by 2030. Because stakeholder commitments are united on the same platform, the Energy Compact will create opportunities for FlexiDAO to collaborate with stakeholders seeking similar outcomes.

The FlexiDAO team is extremely honoured to be part of the Energy Compact, and we are excited to further collaborate with stakeholders to continue pushing for a cleaner and greener energy system 24/7.


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