Roeland Mesland joins FlexiDAO as CCO for our next phase of growth.



Giacomo has an academic background in civil and environmental engineering (MSc) and is always at the forefront when it comes to environmental initiatives and clean energy. Giacomo blends his technical knowledge with a strong passion for marketing which he developed during his professional career.
September 8, 2022
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FlexiDAO is expanding its leadership team to shape the next phase of growth.

We are excited to announce Roeland Mesland will be joining our leadership team as our new Chief Commercial Officer (CCO). Roeland joins us from Microsoft where he held various commercial positions and in his last role led the teams for Critical infrastructure and Energy customers.

“There are three things which clearly stand-out to me when deciding to join FlexiDAO.

First is culture. Simone, Joan and Greg have built this unique, magnetic and inclusive culture. Proven by the bright and talented people working with us already as well as our ability to attract new talent. It offers the fertile soil from which we will further drive our expansion in EMEA and the US.

Second, our 24/7 CFE solutions for granular hourly insight and matching, certification and Scope 2 reporting are beyond matched. It is a privilege to now have Google and Microsoft Climate impact fund endorsing our vision as both customer and shareholder. We have this unique position together where we get to educate customers in the field of 24/7 CFE matching and shape the market simultaneously. We are changing energy procurement in its fundamentals to serve our planet.

Thirdly, understanding the actual origin of our energy consumption, 24/7 and hourly, is one of those use cases where technology has the potential to bring change to understand how we live with, and from, our Great Mother – Earth. It brings deep meaning to contribute to that journey, for generations to come” Roeland shared.

We are equally excited to share that our co-founder, Joan Collell, has been appointed as Chief Growth Officer and will be working on FlexiDAO’s positioning, partnerships and new business lines to ensure a rapid growth of the company.

“We might have been too early in the market when we started FlexiDAO almost 5 years ago, but today we are excited to see that the vision is becoming a real market demand. Bringing more transparency on the carbon related to electricity around the clock is now key for companies that have net zero emission goals, and the investment of Google and Microsoft is a great endorsement for that. This is the moment to scale globally and we are now expanding the team with senior hires that can take the company to the next level of growth. Roeland is the kind of person that any entrepreneur would dream of hiring when scaling a startup."


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