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Giacomo Bravaccini has an academic background in civil and environmental engineering (MSc). Giacomo blends his knowledge in sustainability with a strong passion for marketing, which he developed in his past professional experiences at Ariston Thermo Group and Frigicoll (Midea).
September 7, 2021
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Article about RECS International briefing of RED3 and Guarantees of Origin (GOs), their importance for renewable energy policies and standards.

RECS INTERNATIONAL recently released a RED3 advocacy briefing, mostly for legislators called "Guarantees of origin in the Fit for 55 package, accelerating the energy transition by growing consumer demand for renewable energy".

Since Guarantees of Origin (GOs) allow for consumers and investors to distinguish between electricity generated from renewables and other sources like fossil fuels, GO-trading is considered as an essential tool for supporting market integration of renewables. The Guarantee itself does not include any information about where the Guarantor’s electricity comes from; this information is provided by Guarantors’ reporting on Guarantees issued.

Recently the European Commission requested an update to the Renewable Energy Directive (RED-3), where it suggests that the European parliament and council should:

  • Strengthen requirements for full disclosure schemes in all EU member states.
  • Retain the provision that any guarantees of origin linked with the production of clean energy may be transferred to the buyer of that electricity under a renewable power purchase agreement.
  • All renewable energy generators, whether or not they are connected to a support scheme, must continue to be required to issue GOs.

Read and download the full document here.

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