FlexiDAO launches landmark 24/7 Carbon-free Energy Academy


Eloise Moench

Eloise has worked in a number of high growth start ups and scale ups with a focus on sustainability and renewable energy. She is now FlexiDAO’s Energy Program Manager, overseeing the implementation of all educational material on 24/7 CFE. She is a marketing and research expert with a MA from the University of Amsterdam specialising in Climate Ethics.
June 26, 2023
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Practical steps for decarbonization: FlexiDAO launches landmark 24/7 Carbon-free Energy Academy to help companies drive competitive climate advantage

New education platform will help forward-thinking energy buyers play their role in achieving ambitious C-Suite climate targets.

  • The 24/7 Academy provides a practical guide for businesses using their procurement decisions to have the highest decarbonisation impact.
  • Many firms think they have already decarbonized their electricity by signing up for “100% renewable energy” contracts, but this does not guarantee electricity is carbon-free every hour of the day. 
  • A recent study estimated that decarbonizing the energy system could save US$12 trillion. 

January 19th, 2023 - FlexiDAO, a leading software provider for 24/7 carbon-free electricity solutions, has launched a first-of-its-kind learning platform providing organizations with practical advice on decarbonizing their energy supply every hour of the day. 

FlexiDAO wants to help businesses truly understand consumed electricity's origin and carbon footprint, so they can take the necessary actions to drive decarbonization within their operations and, more importantly, the broader economy. 

Businesses are under increasing pressure from multiple stakeholders to show climate leadership and set bold targets to reduce their emissions. Last year, 263 financial institutions demanded corporate environmental data from non-disclosing companies, signifying a real need for practical support on how firms can set and meet sustainability goals.

Electricity consumption can have a significant and measurable impact on companies’ business carbon footprints (BCF). Many firms may think they have already decarbonized their electricity by signing up for “100% renewable energy” contracts, but these do not guarantee electricity is carbon-free 24/7

Following on from the success of their in-person workshop during RE-Source ‘22, where 60+ corporate buyers gathered to learn more about the topic, FlexiDAO’s 24/7 CFE Academy is a practical, interactive guide for energy professionals that wants to learn about the nuts and bolts of using their procurement decisions to have the highest decarbonisation impact. 

The Academy is delivered via an online platform hosting on-demand content and in-person workshops offered through a partner network.

Its course content includes:

  • Guidance on what 24/7 CFE is and how it can benefit businesses  
  • A detailed breakdown of a business's steps to adopt a 24/7 CFE strategy. 
  • Deep dives into each step, providing practical advice on the actions companies can take. 

FlexiDAO was inspired to set up the 24/7 CFE Academy following its role as a founding signatory of the 24/7 Carbon-free Energy Compact, coordinated by Sustainable Energy for All and the United Nations, which is designed to realize a 24/7 Carbon-free Energy future for all. The news follows its recently secured funding from Google and Microsoft Climate Innovation Fund. The Academy has been supported by Eurelectric, who recently launched their own 24/7 European Hub. 

Moving towards 24/7 CFE not only drives decarbonization, but can also deliver greater price security as it facilitates the transition from the volatile fossil fuel market. A recent study estimated that decarbonizing the energy system could save US$12 trillion. 

Join the 24/7 CFE Academy here.

Joan Collell, Co-Founder of FlexiDAO, said: “We’ve created our Academy to provide energy buyers with the information they need to drive decarbonization within their organization. Not only is this important from an environmental point of view, but a commercial perspective too. As a company’s environmental credentials become increasingly important to stakeholders, progressive businesses have a unique opportunity to drive decarbonization and reap the benefits of the early mover advantage.” 

Irina Lazzerini at Sustainable Energy for All said, “Decarbonising the electricity sector is at the center of the climate challenge; organizations adopting 24/7 carbon-free energy can accelerate the vital transition to clean electricity whilst reducing their reliance on fossil fuels. FlexiDAO’s 24/7 Academy is an innovative tool to help with this journey, equipping organizations with the right knowledge to turn climate intention into climate action.”

Amanda Peterson Corio, Global Head of Data Center Energy at Google, said, “The 24/7 Academy provides access to the right information and resources, so businesses don’t have to start from scratch when exploring 24/7 CFE. There are many interesting things Google and other companies can do as a result of this Academy to reduce emissions faster, effectively, and at the least cost.”

Bruce Douglas, Business & Communications Director at Eurelectric, said "FlexiDAO’s 24/7 CFE Academy fills in a crucial part of the journey, showing businesses how they can practically move towards signing contracts that transparently and credibly reduce their energy-related emissions. Eurelectric is pleased to support this new, hands-on educational tool as part of our own EU 24/7 Hub."

For more information or to request an interview, please contact Greenhouse Communications: Abbie Anderson (+44 7944 157798) Alex Robertson (+44 7812 077 990)  


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