RE-Source 2023: FlexiDAO discuss Electricity Management, Reporting and Decarbonization at Europe’s largest gathering of energy buyers 


Eloise Moench

Eloise has worked in a number of high growth start ups and scale ups with a focus on sustainability and renewable energy. She is now FlexiDAO’s Energy Program Manager, overseeing the implementation of all educational material on 24/7 CFE. She is a marketing and research expert with a MA from the University of Amsterdam specialising in Climate Ethics.
November 9, 2023
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RE-Source 2023: FlexiDAO discuss Electricity Management, Reporting and Decarbonization at Europe’s largest gathering of energy buyers 

FlexiDAO’s leadership were pleased to travel to Amsterdam to discuss carbon accounting and decarbonization pathways at the RE-Source 2023 gathering. At RE-Source, FlexiDAO’s Simone Accornero, CEO; Daan Terpstra, Sales Lead; Annie Chen, Product Owner; and Giacomo Bravaccini, Partnerships & Policy Lead; hosted an exclusive workshop for energy buyers called Granular Data for Energy Decarbonization, Procurement & Reporting with our partners from Google, EnergyTag, and others.

The workshop was inspired by FlexiDAO’s CFE Academy, a company initiative which informs organizations how to collect, manage, and harness high granularity energy and carbon data in order to optimize their energy operations and decrease electricity emissions.

Currently, 84% of companies identify energy and decarbonization as the top priority in their transition plans, and 70% struggle with energy and emissions data collection. The workshop aimed to address these key points and empower participants with tools and resources to create the next generation of sustainability trailblazers. 

A group of people sitting around a table in RE-Source 2023 event.
Participants in FlexiDao’s 24/7 CFE workshop discuss solutions.

During the first part of the event, the audience learned how the energy landscape is changing with lessons from our featured guests from the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, Climate Group (RE100), and the Global Renewables Alliance. During the second part, FlexiDAO conducted a hands-on workshop where they practiced solutions to implement new CO2 reporting perspectives. 

“It was a pleasure to represent Nederlandse Spoorwegen at RE-Source today and share a bit of our ambition and journey towards 24/7 carbon-free energy. A big thank you to FlexiDAO for the invitation!” said Daiane Piva, Energy Transition Program Manager at Nederlandse Spoorwegen (Dutch Railways) and a participant at the workshop.

FlexiDAO also took part in the RE-Source Hourly Matching: System and Hedging Benefits panel, where Annie Chen, Product Owner spoke about how developing new strategies on advanced clean energy can positively impact company costs. 

A group of people with energy related backgrounds, sitting on chairs
Annie Chen represents FlexiDAO in the Hourly Matching panel.

“Great fun at RE-Source 2023! What a pleasure to be discussing hourly matching of renewables now with two of my favorite experts,” said Bruce Douglas, CEO at Global Renewables Alliance. “Sharing knowledge and passion does not get better than with Killian Daly and Aida Garcia!”

Throughout the two day event, FlexiDAO and our partners took part in vibrant conversations around how digital management of electricity contracts and Energy Attribute Certificates (EAC’s) can streamline reporting and optimize electricity performance monitoring, and how businesses can prepare for using more granular electricity data.

FlexiDAO captured the following key takeaways from the event:

  • With the evolution of global reporting standards such as the GHG Protocol scope 2 and RE100 including more criteria in their accounting methodology, the need for more high-resolution data is increasing rapidly.
  • Solutions that make it easier to manage high-resolution data by moving beyond spreadsheets towards an integrated, single-source-of-truth, digital platform are key to staying on top of the growing complexity. These solutions, including FlexiDAO’s CFE Inventory Tool, are the necessary foundation in order  to implement advanced procurement strategies (like 24/7 CFE and emissionality) and are already available to energy teams.
  • Organizations can simplify their reporting by implementing these advanced energy and emissions management tools. The use of these tools allows for better risk management through detailed and up-to-date information Energy Attribute Certificates (EACs) and energy contract portfolios.
  • It is important to harness high-resolution electricity data to track electricity related emissions to the level of granularity needed to move towards a decarbonized electricity grid.

A person in a suit delivering a presentation during RE-Source 2023
Simone Accornero, CEO at FlexiDAO, shares his insights during the workshop.

“A heartfelt thank you to all attendees - your active participation made the workshop truly exceptional. Your enthusiasm and engagement were the key to our success,” said Giacomo Bravaccini, Partnerships & Policy Lead at FlexiDAO.  
“Who said wonky electricity topics were boring? We’re having a laugh! And remember, more hourly matching helps the system and helps reduce price volatility. Good for planet and pocket when done right!” said Killian Daly, Executive Director at EnergyTag. 

FlexiDAO and our partners are working closely with energy buyers to streamline their electricity management today, and prepare for the energy market of tomorrow. Contact our experts at FlexiDAO, for more information! 


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