The quickest way to understand your current energy performance

Assess your risk exposure to new reporting standards and make stronger climate leadership claims with CFE Diagnostic

Your tool for making data-driven decisions

As consumer trends, energy standards, and regulation prioritizes sustainability, organizations should embrace new energy approaches like 24/7 hourly matching and/or avoided emissions accounting.

Understand your Carbon-Free Energy (CFE) status

With the data-enriched insights that CFE Diagnostic provides you will be able to:

  • Compare your CFE performance to your RE100 score.
  • Assess exposure to emissions-related risks.
  • Prioritize actions that will ultimately eliminate emissions.

Run a free Proof-of-Concept

Input energy data on one of your countries of operation.
CFE Diagnostic can help you argue your position on next-generation procurement.

Explore our Online Platform or Advisory Services

Take advantage of one of our two options:

  • Premium CFE Diagnostic: Upload your energy data and make use of the results in our software. Allows for multiple reports.
  • Advisory: FlexiDAO’s experts interpret and analyze the tool's output, providing actionable recommendations. We offer bespoke reports and workshops to show and explain the results.
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The RE100 score calculated by CFE Diagnostic can represent your self-reported score and depends on the quality of the user's inputs. Although it follows the latest version of RE100 Technical Criteria, it doesn't replace the RE100 Verified Score.

"The partnership with FlexiDAO is going to simplify access to and aggregation of energy data throughout Google’s portfolio in Denmark, Ireland, and the Netherlands."

Maud Texier, Head of Energy Development

"At Microsoft we have a long-term vision that we refer to as 100/100/0 – that on all the world’s grids, 100 percent of electrons, 100 percent of the time, are generated from zero carbon sources."

"Our customers value the platform as a marketing tool and for its transparent data on their energy sourcing. ACCIONA has improved key customer metrics thanks to FlexiDAO by positioning ourselves as a true Corporate Social Responsibility Partner."

Marina Gonzales, Energy Management Department

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