Manage Your Energy and Emissions Data in One Place

Reduce time and cost for your Scope 2 reporting and inventory management

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Empowering Energy Managers with data and analytics

Optimize your reporting

Visualize and share automated Scope 2 emissions data with your team. Drill down to hourly accuracy for regulatory compliance.

Manage data effortlessly

Save time on energy and certificate data collection, cleaning and centralization.

Make data-backed decisions

Track Energy Consumption, Renewable Production and Energy Certificates on a daily basis.

How does it work?

Whether it’s hourly, monthly or annually, we help you access and manage the data you need


Energy Data Collection

FlexiDAO collects hourly and monthly energy data (Scope 2) on your behalf. Including consumption, production, emissions and energy attribute certificates (EAC) data.


Data Aggregation

FlexiDAO supports data integration into the software for consolidated inventory and data management.


Data Outputs

FlexiDAO provides easy-to-understand visualizations and automates the export of data to your preferred ERP or EMS solution.

Take advantage of our offering

Software license

Live Monitoring of your KPIs, RE100 score, CFEscore, and Scope 2 Emissions and manage your contracts and certificates.

Data services

We collect energy metering and CO2 data for you, or support cleaning and digitizing your data. We can export all data to a third-party ESG software or your own systems.

Ongoing Customer Success Support

FlexiDAO's energy and data experts provide you support and advice to help extract maximum business value from your project.

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"The partnership with FlexiDAO is going to simplify access to and aggregation of energy data throughout Google’s portfolio in Denmark, Ireland, and the Netherlands."

Maud Texier, Head of Energy Development

"At Microsoft we have a long-term vision that we refer to as 100/100/0 – that on all the world’s grids, 100 percent of electrons, 100 percent of the time, are generated from zero carbon sources."

"Our customers value the platform as a marketing tool and for its transparent data on their energy sourcing. ACCIONA has improved key customer metrics thanks to FlexiDAO by positioning ourselves as a true Corporate Social Responsibility Partner."

Marina Gonzales, Energy Management Department

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