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A Renewable Energy Monitoring Software For Corporate Energy Buyers

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RESpring by FlexiDAO provides global intelligence on your renewable energy procurement.

Energy buyers can easily source all their energy-related data and certificates without manual interaction with third-parties or the need of hardware devices. This is possible thanks to FlexiDAO’s integration with third-party data providers, including national certificate registries, grid operators, data hubs, and energy producers. Visualise your data and information in RESpring, or feed the information directly into your existing sustainability or energy software.

How it works

No more manual processes, source your renewable energy data transparently

FlexiDAO offers a two-tier implementation structure based on your energy reporting needs.

Basic implementation
Flexidao graph on energy consumption

Energy Certificate collection

Basic data for credible Scope 2 reporting

Confirm with an audit trail that your purchased energy certificates are correctly allocated to you. Calculate your location-based emissions and market-based emissions.

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Advanced implementation
illustration of a flexidao graph showing sourcing plants

Leaders in the energy transition

More comprehensive data and insights from the place of origin

Select the energy plant that fits your sustainability profile, trace the energy supply directly from origin, and gain an enhanced proof of impact of your green energy tariffs. Match the energy consumption and production profiles on an hourly basis.

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