With around 11 renewable gigawatts (GW) in operation and the aim of reaching 20 GW by 2025, ACCIONA Energía has a unique company profile with more than 30 years’ experience in the sector and a presence throughout the value chain. Since 2015, it has headed the ‘greenest utilities in the world’ ranking published by Energy Intelligence (Energy Intelligence New Energy Green Utilities).

"Our customers value the platform as a marketing tool and for its transparent data on their energy sourcing"
Marina Gonzales, Energy Management Department


Energy off-takers, with which ACCIONA Energy had signed a PPA, were asking for a way to demonstrate that their energy consumption is truly green. Aside from the fundamental difficulty of distinguishing clean from non-clean energy coming from the grid, Acciona was faced with the additional challenge of proving the renewable origin of the energy consumed by its clients.


FlexiDAO proposed a solution based on blockchain to improve ACCIONA's processes.

The concepts of immutability, auditability, and trust inherent in blockchain technology sparked the interest of ACCIONA.

Five wind-power and hydropower facilities in Spain for four corporate clients in Portugal are being tracked.


FlexiDAO’s solution provides ACCIONA Energy with the opportunity to differentiate from its competitors.

From the innovation phase to the business implementation, ACCIONA has managed to improve key customer metrics thanks to FlexiDAO by positioning themselves as true Corporate Social Responsibility partners.

Their customers value the platform as a marketing tool and for its transparent data on their energy sourcing.

CFE Inventory

Have  all the information you need on energy origin and emissions in one place. Accurate data that can be refreshed monthly, or hourly, to ensure quick & accurate energy decisions and reports.

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September 21, 2023

Iron Mountain & FlexiDAO

FlexiDAO is excited to partner with Iron Mountain in their quest for 24/7 carbon-free energy by 2040, using local renewables. This collaboration includes precise energy tracking and covers Iron Mountain's entire carbon footprint in the UK, contributing to a cleaner future.

September 4, 2023


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July 21, 2023


Eneco, CertiQ and FlexiDAO carried out tests with time-based green electricity in the Netherlands for the first time.

July 21, 2023

GreenH2Chain® by Acciona

FlexiDAO developed with Acciona the GreenH2chain®, the world's first platform based on blockchain that guarantees the renewable origin of green hydrogen.

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