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Iron Mountain aims to achieve carbon-free energy across all its global operations 24/7 by 2040

Many people ask me if there are added costs to addressing our carbon free energy score, but an important thing to recognise is that by setting ourselves a target and accurately tracking the carbon content of our energy, we are not paying any upfront premium.
Chris Pennington


At FlexiDAO, we're thrilled to collaborate with Iron Mountain, a company committed to an ambitious goal. By 2040, Iron Mountain aims to achieve carbon-free energy across all its global operations 24/7. This means powering their facilities with local renewable sources every hour of every day.

The data center industry is known for its high energy consumption, and Iron Mountain's dedication to 24/7 carbon-free operations can significantly benefit the energy grids they operate on. This shift towards decarbonization solutions is promising for a cleaner future.

We firmly believe that measurement is the first step towards effective management. To realize Iron Mountain's goal, it's essential to partner with organizations capable of accurately tracking, analyzing, and certifying consumption data and the current energy mix across multiple sites.

In the United Kingdom, FlexiDAO has proudly joined forces with Iron Mountain to trace their entire energy portfolio throughout the country. This effort extends beyond their data centers, encompassing Iron Mountain's complete carbon footprint. Together, we're working towards a greener and more sustainable future.


Using our blockchain-enabled software, CFE Inventory, we are able to look on an hour-by-hour basis at all of Iron Mountain’s electricity consumption, as well as the carbon content of all of the electricity they procure from Engie over the whole of the UK.

This is an immense amount of data that we are able to package up for Iron Mountain so they have complete oversight of their UK energy portfolio and how carbon-intensive it is at all points of the day.

The most exciting thing about our work with Iron Mountain is that we have been able to trace all of their 59 sites across the whole of the county, including both datacenters and office facilities.


In the upcoming decade, Iron Mountain and their utility partner, Engie, will work hand in hand. The joint efforts will concentrate on elevating their carbon-free credentials and exploring evolving renewable solutions to reach the goal of being powered by local renewable energy sources at all hours of the day.

CFE Inventory

Have  all the information you need on energy origin and emissions in one place. Accurate data that can be refreshed monthly, or hourly, to ensure quick & accurate energy decisions and reports.

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