Iron Mountain
Case Study

Complete oversight of iron mountain’s uk electricity portfolio

Background & Goal

The Challenge

Iron Mountain has set an ambitious target to power its facilities entirely with carbon-free energy across all global operations, every hour of every day by 2040.

Achieving this requires comprehensive tracking, monitoring, and reporting of clean electricity usage within their operational countries.

A critical need emerged for a platform capable of providing detailed insights into electricity metering data, contracts, and certificates  so they could build on their strategy and work towards their 2040 target.  

The Solution

We introduced a digital tool that allows Iron Mountain to monitor their electricity consumption and the carbon footprint of their procured electricity on an hourly basis. The platform simplifies complex data management, offering visualizations and key performance indicators (KPIs) essential for tracking, monitoring, and reporting Iron Mountain's progress towards sustainability targets.

Our platform is designed to organize the data for large electricity portfolios. Our filters allow Iron Mountain to have the bigger picture, and then dive deep into data for specific regions or production assets so they have the visibility to determine how their electricity is currently being covered by clean energy, and how their strategy can evolve.


Our solution has successfully delivered an electricity portfolio management system for all of Iron Mountain's UK sites, including both data centers and office facilities.

This enhances their ability to pursue their carbon-free energy objectives with improved contract visibility. Following the initial success, our collaboration has extended to the Netherlands, with plans to broaden our partnership into more European countries by year-end.

Gaining more days where our consumption is completely matched with clean energy generation is our goal, and Flexidao’s platform will give us the visibility to meet that goal.

Chris Pennington