Vodafone Spain
The Customer

Vodafone is a leading technology communications company in Europe and Africa.

Vodafone is the largest mobile and fixed network operator in Europe and the world’s largest IoT connectivity provider.

The Challenge

Vodafone is transitioning to 100% renewable energy. However, Vodafone Spain’s energy team lacks access to transparent data on the green energy they bought for environmental reporting. Too much administrative work is needed to collect proof of energy certificate cancellation to report with confidence.

The Solution

FlexiDAO’s software collected a list of all Guarantees of Origin (GoO) cancelled, energy consumption data and emissions data in an automated way for Vodafone Spain: 13.000 consumption sites and more than 500 GWh of consumption. This was achieved thanks to FlexiDAO’s integration with energy certificate registries.

The Benefits

Saved more than 100 hours of manual work on certificate collection & audit for the 13.000 consumption sites belonging to Vodafone Spain, avoiding interaction with the energy supplier and the manual consolidation between GoO and real consumption. Access and auditing of detailed GoO cancellation increased reliability of environmental reporting, with an immutable audit trail on blockchain.

The Story

Vodafone is the largest mobile and fixed network operator in Europe and owns thousands of energy consumption points. The firm has committed to purchase 100% of the electricity they use from renewable sources by 2025. In 2020 Vodafone gained an A- in their latest CDP rating, in recognition of their governance on GHG emissions. Credible and consistent energy data is needed to fulfill the increasing reporting demands of stakeholders.

Vodafone Spain’s energy team needed to invest more than 100 hours per year to manually obtain this data, process it and get auditor approval. For instance, it had to manually interact with its local energy supplier to get a confirmation of the volume and type of energy certificates that were cancelled for Vodafone. Moreover, Vodafone Spain has 13,000 energy consumption sites (e.g. antennas), making data collection especially time consuming and prone to errors.

FlexiDAO played a key role to make the energy data collection leaner and more credible. Thanks to its integration with the national energy certificate registry, FlexiDAO could automatically collect a list of all Guarantees of Origin that were officially cancelled by the energy supplier on behalf of Vodafone’s 13.000 sites. The exact plant of origin of each certificate was also disclosed to verify the environmental impact criteria of the certificate (e.g. 5 year old solar plant from the Madrid region).

The energy team could also check the volume of their energy consumption for each site and what percentage of that consumption was actually covered with green energy certificates. This gave them peace of mind in the confidence of their renewable energy claims.

Information could be filtered and visualised by Vodafone’s team through FlexiDAO’s web app to monitor KPIs and to take future energy procurement decisions. Automatic renewable energy portfolio reports were generated. In the future, the data might be also fed into the existing Energy or Sustainability software of Vodafone thanks to FlexiDAO’s APIs.

All the collected and consolidated data was notarized onto the Energy Web Blockchain in order to provide with the ultimate trust and digital trail to third-parties that might want to further verify Vodafone’s sustainability claims with assurance. 

Thanks to FlexiDAO’s unique integrations with grid operators and national data hubs, energy consumption metering data and energy production data could be retrieved automatically in future evolutions of the solution.

FlexiDAO’s software can be deployed at global scale to monitor renewable energy portfolios from several countries. Energy data and certificates can be consolidated to make the life easier of the global energy manager that is coordinating local teams in the data collection activities.

Supporting documents

“Digitalisation has completely changed the way that companies can monitor and track their renewable energy and emissions progress. Investors and stakeholders are expecting more transparent and granular assurance of the green energy achievements of multinationals. With FlexiDAO this is finally possible.”
Simone Accornero, FlexiDAO CEO
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