FlexiDAO & Advance Infrastructure partner to advance Renewable Energy Monitoring and Carbon Accounting Software


Eloise Moench

Eloise has worked in a number of high growth start ups and scale ups with a focus on sustainability and renewable energy. She is now FlexiDAO’s Energy Program Manager, overseeing the implementation of all educational material on 24/7 CFE. She is a marketing and research expert with a MA from the University of Amsterdam specialising in Climate Ethics.
September 28, 2023
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FlexiDAO & Advance Infrastructure partner to advance Renewable Energy Monitoring and Carbon Accounting Software

  • Advanced Infrastructure and FlexiDAO have partnered to empower corporate energy buyers with more options for impactful energy decisions.
  • The C-Zero project, funded by the European innovation program, aims to provide accurate insight into avoided emissions and carbon accounting metrics.
  • The partnership will combine Advanced Infrastructure's carbon data with FlexiDAO's software to enable the creation of carbon impact assessments and support clients' carbon-aware decarbonization strategies.

12 July 2023- Energy data and software company Advanced Infrastructure has partnered with the global energy and emissions data management company, FlexiDAO, in a project that provides corporate energy buyers with more options for making impactful energy decisions. 

The C-Zero project funded by the European innovation program (Eurostars), part of the Eureka network and European Commission initiatives, is now halfway through its 18-month journey and on target to deliver a digital twin of European energy networks, comprising real and inferred network data.

FlexiDAO’s existing software, “CFE Inventory” (formerly called RESpring) acts as an “Enterprise Resource Planning” (ERP) system for renewable energy contracts, certificates and emissions. Users can keep all the information on their energy origin and its emissions in one place. Data can be refreshed monthly, or hourly, to ensure quick & accurate energy decisions and reports. The company currently services corporate energy buyers such as Microsoft and Vodafone ES. 

The software will be further developed as part of the C-Zero project by combining Advanced Infrastructure’s approach towards modelling electricity grid networks to provide marginal carbon intensity signals and give accurate insight into avoided emissions and through consequential carbon accounting metrics. 

Advanced Infrastructure, which provides carbon data and spatial analytics tools, currently provides the highest resolution carbon data in the UK market, granular marginal emission factors, and an approach to inferring missing data which supports global data coverage, otherwise impossible to calculate. 

Combining Advanced Infrastructure’s carbon data with existing data from FlexiDAO’s corporate users (location & time of energy consumption) will enable the creation of carbon impact assessments as an option for FlexiDAO customers. This makes it easy for users to calculate the emissions generated and avoided through their energy activities, and to make informed energy choices accordingly.

Organisations can use these new capabilities to optimise their energy strategy with a primary focus on achieving the highest possible carbon avoidance. This can translate into improved market performance as they gain access to data-backed insights to strategically pursue a more carbon-aware energy strategy, aligning themselves with sustainability goals and strengthening their position in the market.

Dr Noah Miller, Head of Data at Advanced Infrastructure commented: 

  “Whilst there are carbon accounting and sustainability reporting platforms on the market, the majority are generally simplistic - based only on annualised data which can be used in reporting but cannot inform day-to-day energy decisions. Energy management platforms using hourly energy usage and carbon intensity data markedly increase the accuracy of this reporting and begin to allow for genuinely sustainable decision-making. This process is even further improved with access to marginal emission factors and consequential accounting facilities.“

Simone Accornero, CEO and Founder of FlexiDAO commented: 
"Embedding Advanced Infrastructure's marginal emissions data into our software solutions will enhance our product offering functionalities by providing more options and data to our clients. This partnership is part of our mission to provide the most accurate, comprehensive, data-based, and auditable insights to support different carbon-aware decarbonization and electricity procurement strategies."

Globally, corporations spend more on decarbonisation than national governments.

However, corporate renewable procurement and carbon reductions fail to deliver maximum impact as it is currently difficult for corporations to quantify the carbon impact of different demand-side energy decisions. 

The lack of data makes it difficult for corporations to distinguish between impactful and non-impactful renewable energy certificates credibly and to prioritise carbon reduction in their day-to-day energy consumption practices.

The cost of the problem is:

  1. Lost opportunity to cut carbon emissions by 34% (RockyMountain,2020)
  2. Up to 50% mismatch between reported and actual emission savings (DeChalendar,2019)
  3. Poor liquidity and high price volatility of carbon offsetting mechanisms (Hulshoff,2019)

By the end of the 18-month project, the outcome of the C-Zero project will be a digital twin of European energy networks and sub-national average and marginal emission factors across Europe. 

About FlexiDAO 

FlexiDAO is a solution-driven company providing the data, digital tools and expertise to measure, manage, trade and eliminate energy related emissions. 

The landscape of the clean energy markets is fast-moving. New and upcoming regulations, changes in standards and methodologies, and the introduction of more impactful clean energy frameworks pose both a challenge and an opportunity to organizations with sustainability ambition. FlexiDAO provides the tools and expertise to navigate this uncertainty, devise the best path forward, and implement the most advanced solutions available in the market.

FlexiDAO has widespread data collection capacities spanning across Europe, Americas and APAC and is headquartered in Amsterdam. Notable customers include Google, Microsoft, Iron Mountain and Vodafone ES. 

Visit for more information.

Linkedin: @Flexidao

Contact: Eloise Moench,

About Advanced Infrastructure Technology Ltd

Advanced Infrastructure's mission is to create a greener and fairer Energy System by making big data, transparency, and traceability accessible to all users of the energy system.

The company provides GIS tools, datasets and APIs to support energy planning and carbon optimised energy use. 

Linkedin: @advanced-infrastructure-uk 

Contact: Grace Martin : : 07769183655


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FlexiDAO part of C-Zero project

FlexiDAO is part of the C-Zero project, a research and development initiative funded by the European Union through Horizon Europe. It aims to create a digital platform for assessing the carbon impact of renewable power.

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